CBD for Muscle Recovery | What is it and How It Helps?

CBD For Muscle Recovery

If you are someone who enjoys intensive workouts or athletics, you want to take your game to the next level. You know that muscle soreness, weariness and injuries are part of your workout and training regimes. Fortunately, these problems cannot hold you back anymore. CBD for muscle recovery can help alleviate your muscle soreness and help you recover from intensive workouts.

Once reserved for dispensaries, CBD products have become mainstream today. CBD products have started popping in markets and health stores as well as wellness websites. CBD oil, tinctures, salves, etc., have promised significant benefits with one thing in mind: effective muscle recovery.

You have to understand what CBD is if you want to experience the benefits. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one among hundreds of compounds of cannabis. CBD is known to give a feel-good effect on a person and sometimes attributed to better muscle recovery.

The link between CBD & Exercise Inflammation

Whenever you perform any intense workout, the muscles receive microscopic damage. Once this damage or inflammation happens, the muscle repair process is initiated to make them more substantial and more significant. However, if there is excess inflammation, it contributes to muscle damage and poor workout results.

Athletes commonly seek anti-inflammatory techniques such as ice baths or food with antioxidant properties. Some of them even resort to drugs and medications to curb muscle ache. CBD for muscle recovery is a potent anti-inflammatory compound that helps the recovery process in a natural way. It supports the muscle repair process without the use of any steroid or harmful drug.

How Can It Help?

CBD can help muscle recovery in many ways after a workout that includes:

  • It relaxes the muscles
  • Prevents delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Alleviates inflammation
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Enhances cell differentiation in muscles
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis


Alleviating Muscle Tension

One of the most prominent symptoms of delayed soreness is muscle tension. When muscle inflammation happens, the pressure in the surrounding area makes the pain much worse. That is why muscle relaxants are popular among athletes for easing tension in muscles. Although they relax the muscles, certain drugs have side effects such as dizziness or sedation. CBD for muscle recovery has the same effects as muscle relaxants but with little to no side effects. Therefore, CBD is an effective muscle relaxant that eases muscle tension following a rigorous workout.

Alleviating Muscle Pain

Experts suggest CBD as a powerful painkiller that offers support for muscle injuries and recovery post-exercise. You find yourself back into action or a regime following less pain and feel more comfortable between the exercises.

Reduction in Inflammation

Perhaps one of the most prominent roles that CBD plays in the muscle recovery process is the reduction of inflammation. The inflammation process intends to help damaged muscles and promote recovery by bringing blood flow and oxygen back with essential nutrients. Muscle damage often involves specific regions, and the inflammatory process can affect larger muscle areas. The inflammatory responses can cause collateral damage to these regions, resulting in a slower recovery process. CBD helps by reducing unnecessary inflammation without compromising the benefits received in the process.

Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep and rest are an essential part of muscle recovery and growth post-workout. The critical elements in muscle recovery happen when we sleep. That is why the quality of sleep and the correct pattern is vital to ensure maximum recovery and effectiveness. Sleep deprivation can cause adverse effects on recovery and decrease testosterone, which contributes to muscle recovery and growth. CBD offers significant improvement in sleep quality and duration to improve the ability to fall asleep at the right time.

How to Get the Most out of CBD for Muscle Recovery?

The process of muscle recovery is very complex and has many factors that influence the shortening of recovery time. Although CBD can have the right impact, taking several measures simultaneously helps alleviate its usefulness. Some simple advice to increase effectiveness includes:

  • Always drink plenty of water when using CBD. The recovery process releases much metabolic waste in the bloodstream that water can filter through kidneys.
  • Spend some time stretching after a workout to remove the harmful lactic acid present and open blood flow to the muscles.
  • Consult a professional to monitor your recovery progress and gain valuable advice.
  • Listen to your body and consult a physician if the pain becomes unbearable and accompanied by fever.
  • Combine oral and topical CBD to get the right effect and increase recovery success.

How to Get the Most out of CBD for Muscle Recovery?

  • Prioritize sleep and take rest after a workout to prepare it for another training.
  • Use only high-quality CBD products as many poor variations are available in the market that will do more harm than good. They may even contain contaminants that negatively affect your recovery.
  • Use Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) with CBD to increase effectiveness and recovery chances.
  • Eat a balanced diet composed primarily of fruits and vegetables. They have the necessary proteins and amino acids to give essential nutrition to muscles.
  • CBD has become a popular supplement for athletes for a variety of reasons. The active ingredient of CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system to regulate blood flow throughout, including muscles. The muscle fibers experience stress and damage after a tough workout that leads to pain and inflammation. Over time, the muscles need to repair the damage and strengthen the fibers. During this time, exercising the same muscle group becomes difficult that eventually slows down muscle gaining progress.

The Bottom Line

Experts recommend taking a multifaceted approach to get the most out of CBD usage and increase recovery chances. CBD for muscle recovery, a healthy diet, helpful supplements, water intake, and plenty of sleep alleviates its effectiveness. The field of CBD and its uses for muscle recovery is still in its infancy, and studies are still going. The points mentioned above are more than enough evidence showing CBD's usefulness for muscle growth and potential recovery.